Everybody Knows How to Make a Baby

Everyone knows how to make a baby.  Everyone will tell you how to make a baby.  Drink this, eat that, don’t eat that, workout, rest, legs up, do handstands, and my personal favorite, you just need to relaaaaax.  For the most part, it’s a constant struggle between the obligatory smile and nod and telling people to shove their relax right up their nose.  I wish it was as simple as a post-coital headstand while sipping fertility boosting tea, but as many women have discovered, it just ain’t sistah!

My name is Eliza and my husband Scott and I have just begun our IVF story (I hate calling it a journey, it feels so heavy).  In the last two years we experienced one missed miscarriage and two ectopic pregnancies, both of which resulted in emergency Salpingectomies (tube removals) and the eventual loss of both tubes.  My husband likes to refer to our emergency room visits as “our Friday night ragers,” because well, it was always a Friday, and there were always really good drugs (for me at least).

My reasons for wanting to document our story are two-fold.  One, is that ever since considering the IVF process, I have delved into a borderline neurotic obsession with research, and I have discovered that laughter, empathy, and solace can be found in the blogs of others that just happened to be going through the same thing.  This has made me realize that some Kindergarten lessons still hold true, and sharing really IS caring (thanks Mrs. Judy!).  My second reason is purely selfish.  I am lucky enough to have amazing friends and a supportive family, but sometimes I hear myself talking and my brain screams “nobody wants to hear all this E!”  So I’m putting it all down here.  My woes, my hopes, that random cookie recipe that I found the other day that has no flour or eggs but still tastes like your butt is getting big.  I hope it helps, or you laugh, or your butt gets big.





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  1. This is so inspiring and heartwarming Eliza Jane Lane. You give fierce queens out there hope, and if anything, comic relief in an at time, scary and uncertain time. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to follow your story, NOT journey. 😉

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