The 2 Week Wait: Project Distract Yo’ Self

Every woman actively employed in trying to conceive is familiar with the dreaded 2 week wait.  This is the anxiety-ridden period of time between ovulation and the day of your missed period.  For women going the IVF route, this is the time between your Transfer Day (when they transfer the embryo into your uterus) and your Beta (the blood test to hopefully confirm pregnancy).  From my comprehensive (euphemism for neurotic) research I have gathered that a woman’s mindset and behavior during the 2ww, ranges from the “lay in bed and don’t move” sort to the “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” mentality.  Both are valid and hold their own sort of appeal, however, I always knew I would opt for the distraction strategy when my time came.  So I Pinterested and trolled fertility blogs and Instagram accounts for ideas to my heart’s content, and came up with a plan of attack.

Here’s what I did during my 2 Week Wait:

Visit a Museum

Listen, I appreciate a good Thirteenth Century Parisian artifact exhibition with the best of them, but this wasn’t a time to mess around.  I knew that the only museum that would be fit to distract me from the daunting task of my body potentially creating a human had to be light, fun, and serve food.  So I grabbed my niece Chloe, made up some excuse about it being her birthday present, and spent the day at The Museum of Ice Cream.

That’s right folks, ICE CREAM.  We walked into a land of sprinkle pools and oversized gummy bear installations, and I knew I was home.  They even handed you a different ice cream treat in each room!  It was the equivalent of walking through an old closet and into Narnia, if the old closet was a warehouse in almost seedy/hipster part of L.A., and Narnia was land where they play Bruno Mars on the loud speaker while serving you mint mochi ice cream.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Or at least shop ‘til all of your Christmas shopping is done (thanks Amazon!)  I literally* finished 90% of my Christmas shopping before the weekend was over.  This accomplishment serves me two-fold:  One, I won’t be stressed out and pregnant (fingers crossed) in December trying to find last minute gifts for everyone, and two, I never have to go to that purgatory they call the mall.

*A note for all my non-LA readers:  “literally” is a term made popular by millennials, but has seeped into the LA ground water effecting even those smart enough to be born in the eighties.  It is usually followed by extension terms such as, but not limited to: “can’t even,” and “dead.”

Ex.  I had too many mimosas at brunch yesterday and I literally can’t even this morning.

Go to a Sound Bath Healing/Meditation

I know what some of you are thinking: easy there hippie.  Well if you haven’t noticed, I’m not laid back enough to be a hippie, and I also can’t pull off armpit hair (although actress/artist Jemima Kirke can, and I’m strangely into it).  I digress.  A huge part of my focus during the 2ww was to make time for relaxation and meditation, so on a Monday night, I met my girlfriends at the Green Yogi in Manhattan Beach and laid on the ground while women made beautiful tones and vibrations on her quartz singing bowls.  The process is supposed to put your mind and body into a relaxed state so you can reestablish balance.  It may sound strange, but you go somewhere during these sessions.  It’s a strange state between sleep and awake, where I always wake myself up with my own snore.  The point is, I left feeling lighter and as if I had taken a 5 hour nap.  I also went home and ate Scott’s leftover French fries, so maybe my body needed carbs and sleep to feel balance.  Hey man, the heart wants what it wants.

Cook Your Face Off

I mean, I like to cook, but I took it to a new level during my 2ww.  I cooked mostly healthy recipes, but also jumped into some holiday baking for the sake my husband’s sanity.  I discovered a few new favorite recipes:

Raw Truffles – recipe from

Quinoa and Ground Turkey Chili

Mama Gale’s Pumpkin Bread – The most delicious bricks of heaven from Scott’s mom

Walk a 5k Race


I’m not going to lie, for the first half of this race I was genuinely frustrated.  Watching a 75 year old man jog past me (good for you Ace), and not being do anything beyond a brisk walk of a fury, was not a good time.  Half-way through I started to rub my stomach and remembered that I my body was already working really hard at something, and to be thankful for good health and privilege of being in the position my husband and I find ourselves in.  So I turned my frown upside down, enjoyed the views of the harbor, and listened to Kendrick Lamar.  My brother even ran back after he crossed the finished line, to walk the last leg with me (what a doll).  I was subsequently thankful for the post-race brownie donut that I smashed into my mouth 10 minutes after the race.

Schedule a Reiki Session

Reiki is a Japanese technique that channels the body’s vital energy to heal itself.  For me, it is the ultimate in relaxation and meditation.  I have been going to Reiki sessions for a couple months now, and I always walk out feeling extra well-rested and balanced.  Not to mention my Reiki practitioner is also semi my therapist, knows exactly how to calm me, and always pretends that she didn’t hear me snore 5 different times during my session.

Pamper Yourself

IVF can sometimes make you feel not-so-sexy.  From the meds to the sex restrictions (yup, no sexy time for a month or more post transfer) the whole get down can have you feeling far from your usual fierce, queen self.  One of my most favorite drunk moments was watching my friend yell into her cellphone, at her boyfriend that she was a “fierce ass queen” after a not so lucky in love Uber driver convinced her that “no man should tell her what to do.”  For the record, he hadn’t been telling her what to do, but that’s a story for another time.  Back to feeling like a fierce queen, I decided to pursue a little “make me pretty” time and had my lashes and eyebrows done (thanks Lyn! also a fierce ass queen).  Bonus: My pamper session also included some QT with my cutie nieces.

As my 2 week wait winds down, I can’t help but think about how I felt more lucky than anxious.  My husband shows me each day what a real partner and support system is.  My friends make me laugh until I pee, and make sure my eyelashes are on point.  My body and mind feel healthy and balanced, and I just KNOW that the universe is brewing up something good for us.




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